Friday, June 14, 2013

Revisiting old friends

I just finished re-reading A Tale of Two Cities; Northanger Abbey; Pride & Prejudice; the Indian in the Cupboard series; and An Old-Fashioned Girl. I enjoyed Northanger Abbey much this time than I did 13 years ago, haha.

I'm a repeat reader, for sure. I have favourite books that I get off the shelf a couple times a year, especially if I'm sick or haven't been to the library lately. A handful of these include Harry Potter Book 1 and Book 7 (all of the Potters, really, but those two the most); Strong Poison, Gaudy Night, and Busman's Honeymoon, by Dorothy Sayers; The Hawk and the Dove, by Penelope Wilcock; and O Jerusalem, by Laurie R. King. A new addition to the favourites is The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green.

They're like my fuzzy bathrobe: familiar, comforting, welcoming.
Always waiting for me. Able to distract me when I'm hurting.

What books do you love to re-read? Or what have you re-read lately?


heavy hedonist said...

I'm a repeat reader too, and recently reread Little Women, Leaf by Niggle (Tolkien short allegory/story), my old Business Ethics textbook, and a great little book of feminist fairy-tales called "don't Bet on the Prince."

If you're still trying to get back on the creative hobbyhorse come November, you may want to try (or try again) NaNoWriMo--

Writing a novel in a month stirs up your brain something awesome!

beautifulmonday said...

Thank you for reminding me, I love Leaf by Niggle! Wow, I don't even know where my copy of his short stories went....
*goes off to hunt it down*